FAQs About Reservations, Rooms, Pets & More




  1. How far in advance should I make a reservation for a motel room?

We recommend making a reservation at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival date (16 weeks for holiday weekends: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Americade Week, and Columbus Day). However, we encourage guests to check availability with the Cedar Island Motel even if your lead time is less than this. We begin taking phone, mail, and Internet reservations for the following calendar year beginning on October 1st.

  1. Will my reservation request guarantee a specific Room?

A confirmed motel reservation, depending on date of reservation guarantees your room type for the dates specified at the time your reservation is made, but not for a specific room number. We do take requests for specific rooms and do everything we can to make that room available for you. We assign our at or just prior to arrival, based on your requests and the date that your request and payment received.

  1. Why don’t you guarantee a specific room?

It is our goal to provide you with a room that meets your expectations. Due to the volume of reservations received and the frequent changes in reservation status that occur at our Cedar Island Resort after a reservation is made, this policy enables us to meet a higher rate of satisfaction with our guests than if specific rooms were guaranteed in advance.

For example, if a reservation was confirmed for a specific room in January, and subsequently canceled 2 days prior to the scheduled date of arrival, it would be impossible for us to provide that room to a guest that has already been told it was not available in January. Under our policy, an room is assigned just prior to your date of arrival; this assures that your first requests are always considered. At that time, if we are unable to meet your first request we attempt to honor a second or third request you may have. Overall, this policy assures a higher level of satisfaction for the majority of our guests.

  1. What do you charge for more than 2 adults and 2 children in a room & can we get a cot?

Yes we do have cots and as long as we do not run out we will bring one to your room upon request but they can go fast during the busy season. We charge an additional $5/night/adult over 2 and charge $5/night per child over 2.

  1. Do you offer room service?

Yes, we offer room service from our menu at Sharky’s Bar & Grill. You can order any time during business hours and order anything off the menu or late-night menu. Beer, wine and dessert can also be served right to your door.

  1. Are there refrigerators in the rooms and what all is in my room?

Refrigerators are available in most rooms. Please request one ahead of time and we will make sure you have one. King rooms have a large 4 drawer dresser, 2 drawer nightstand, king bed, small nightstand, chair with ottoman, desk, flat screen 32” TV, Directv, granite countertops, Full tub and shower. Double bed rooms have a large 4 drawer dresser, 2 drawer nightstand, 2 double full beds, small nightstand, chair, flat screen 32” TV, Directv, granite countertops, Full tub and shower.

  1. Is there an on-site coin laundry and where do I get change?

Our coin laundry is located on the far end towards the beach of the South side of the motel There are 2 commercial coin washers and 2 commercial coin dryers. Change can be made in Sharky’s or the Visitor Center during business hours.

  1. Do you have an exercise room and what are the hours?

Yes we have an exercise room with a treadmill, elyptical machine, exercise bike, rowing machine and free weights. It is located at the far end of the motel towards the beach in the center corridor. Hours of operation are 7am to 9pm.

  1. Do you serve breakfast?

We offer lunch and dinner in Sharky’s Bar & Grill but do not offer a breakfast service at this time. There are breakfast sandwiches available ½ mile away at Island’s Choice.

  1. Where do I access the beach and can I drive a golf cart or car on it?

Beach access is always available by driving or walking to the end of Driftwood Drive at the State boat ramp. You also can access the beach through the entrances to our horseback riding stables. We do allow our golf carts or your own on the beach provided all guests keep the golf carts on our property and do not pass the designated areas. Vehicles are currently allowed in the same designated areas and 4 wheel drive is usually necessary.

  1. What is your pet policy?

We are a pet friendly resort. There are no additional fees for pets with the exception of the motel where we have a $10/pet/night fee. Please bring a copy of your pet’s vaccination records, keep them leashed at all times and do not leave them unattended unless properly secured in your room. Proper curbing and cleaning up after your pets is also required. Don’t forget about the pet friendly beach, available to all camping guests.

  1. Do you offer nightly, weekly and monthly rooms?

Yes, we do offer rooms nightly, weekly and monthly. Rates vary based on the month. Please call for room requests longer than 1 week for our best rate at our office at 252-515-0201 or email info@cedarislandresort.com.

  1. Something has come up… what is your cancellation policy?

We have one of the friendliest cancellation policies in our industry. As with any business, cancellations are unfortunate for the guest as well as the resort, so we have designed our policies to be as fair as possible to both.

For non-holiday rooms: Full refunds less a $10 service charge if canceled 48 hours before arrival date. No refunds if canceled less than 48 hours before arrival.

For holiday (including Americade week) motel rooms: Full refunds less a $10 service charge if canceled two weeks before arrival date. No refunds if canceled less than two weeks before arrival.

  1. Do you offer any incentives or customer loyalty programs for guests?

As a token of our appreciation to our loyal customers, the resort offers a special bonus on Cyber Monday to all guests. Online shoppers that place a gift card order on Cyber Monday, receive an additional 10% bonus on top of the purchase price of their order. Simply put, you purchase a $100 gift card online, we will mail you an activated gift card in the amount of $110, you purchase a $200 gift card online, we will mail you a $220 activated gift card, etc.

This offer is available for online gift orders that are received on Cyber Monday ONLY. This special customer-loyalty bonus is a wonderful opportunity for families to get 10% more out of all our RV resort has to offer. Gift cards have no expiration date and may be used for any retail and restaurant purchases, motel rooms, or activities at Cedar Island Resort & RV Park. No additional charges are required to issue a gift card.  Limit $2,000 gift card purchase per family.

  1. What time can I check in? What time is check out?

Our check-in and check-out times are designed to assure that all of our guests’ expectations are met upon arrival.  It takes our staff time to make our family resort in Cedar Island your home away from home perfect in every way. Therefore, it is very important that all of our guests abide by these times.

Check-in time for all rooms is 4 p.m.  Should you arrive prior to 4 p.m. your room may not be ready.

Check-out time on the day of your departure is 11 a.m. If you wish to stay and enjoy the facilities after 11 a.m. you may register at the office for extended check-out. You still must vacate your site by 11 a.m. but extended check-out will allow you to park your vehicle in a designated area and utilize facilities until 6 p.m. that day.

  1. Can I bring my golf cart?

Yes, golf carts are permitted, may only be operated by a licensed adult, ages 18+, and must be insured for liability. All golf carts must have working front and rear lights. They may only be used on Park roads & posted bike trail areas. Management reserves the right to deny the use of this equipment to anyone who does not demonstrate the ability to follow Park rules and regulations. All golf carts must be registered at the front desk and a user agreement must be signed upon arrival. Interested in renting a golf cart? Cedar Island Rentals can provide you with information and pricing is only $50/day or $225/week.

  1. Should I bring my bike?

Yes, you can ride the Outer Banks Scenic Byway for over 30 miles but keep in mind it is a narrow road and has dangerous curves, so use caution when riding. You may also choose to ride your bike on to the Cedar Island Ferry and take it to Ocracoke for a day trip. If you have wide tires you can ride parts of the beach and see some sites.

  1. Can I bring my own firewood?

Our RV Park does allow campers to bring in their own firewood from outside the Park. However, please be aware that the NC Department of Environmental Conservation has stated that is illegal to bring untreated firewood into NYS, and it is illegal to transport untreated firewood more than 50 miles from its source.

  1. Where do I rent and where do I pick up a canoe, kayak or golf cart?

Our Visitor Center is where you can walk in and make a reservation for canoes, kayaks and golf carts or you can call ahead of time at 252-515-0201 to book a reservation. Golf carts will be brought out to the front of the Visitor Center once your reservation time has been processed and can be returned to the same location. There is a sign in and sign out sheet that is signed by you and us to verify the golf cart is returned in the same condition as rented. Canoes and kayaks will be brought to our private boat ramp located just inside the main entrance of the RV Park. Life jackets and paddles will be in your watercraft and you will return them to the same location and notify the Visitor Center that you have completed your ride.

  1. Where do I book a horseback ride on the beach and where do I go for the ride?

Our Visitor Center is where you can walk in and make a reservation for horseback rides or you can call ahead of time at 252-515-0201 to book a reservation. Reservations are required and rides are pre-scheduled so if there is space on a ride the same day we will make it happen for you or we will book you for a different ride. Waiver forms must be filled out as well. Once you have made a reservation, paid and completed your waiver form you will then head out to the barn located inside the main gate and follow the road straight ahead. When you arrive at the barn park on the far left side of the barn and enter the large gate. Your horses and guide will be straight ahead at the mounting stairs.