Cedar Island Stables offers an absolute must do tourist activity providing a unique beach and wilderness experience for horse enthusiasts from all over the world. Cedar Island Stables provides an exclusive experience for horse rides on the beach and in the surf at the Pamlico Sound, an undeveloped and pristine beach that has spectacular views along the coast and miles of virtually untouched land to explore. You may have the opportunity to see the majestic, wild Spanish ponies who have roamed these areas freely for decades. The horses are a protected herd that roam throughout the islands and frequent our beach.

Our horseback rides are designed to showcase the natural beauty of the coast of Pamlico Sound. You will ride along the water’s edge in the sand and may have the opportunity to witness marine wildlife such as dolphins, sea otters, seabirds, and different species of saltwater fish. Our 90 and 120 minute rides will feature amazing river crossings as well as beach trail riding. We offer one hour, one and a half hour and two hour rides every day of the week (by appointment only) all year round at Cedar Island Stables.

We offer horseback rides on the beach with an amazing view, affordable price and an opportunity to see wild ponies, cattle and dolphins along the way. All rides are by appointment only. Please feel free to call (252) 515-9441.

1 Hour rides – $65 per person*
1.5 Hour Rides – $95 per person*
2 Hour Rides – $125 per person*

*Doesn’t include tip to trail guide

***Have you ever witnessed the renowned east coast sunset? Can you imagine riding towards the beautiful Cedar Island sunset?

– We are now offering our Sunset Specials! An exclusive experience of a 90 minute ride on the beach at sunset! Priced at $105 per person (not including tip to your guide)

– Do you have a special event? Let us make it special with a fire pit & champagne waiting for you on the beach – Engagements, weddings, photography, etc. (Call for an estimate)

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The Cedar Island Stables owners have over 15 years of horse experience. All of the guides are experienced horsemen and women who pride themselves on horse and rider safety. Safety of our guests is our number one priority!

Our horses are well seasoned and will be matched to your riding ability. Our horses are like family and are well taken care of. We feed them quality hay and grain and they have access to hay and water 24/7. We typically ride in the mornings and in the evenings because those are the coolest parts of the day and the horses are resting during the other parts of the day. After rides our horses are hosed down to help them cool and to remove the salt and sand from the beach.


• All riders must be at least 7 years old for the hour long beach ride, any child under 10 years old is subject to being lead-lined to the guide horse.
• Our weight limit is 260 pounds. This is enforced for the safety of our horses.
• We hold reservation spots with credit card information, so when you are booking your ride please have one readily available. All rates do NOT include a tip to your guide.

• We can charge the full amount or you may choose to pay cash when you arrive. The credit card information is taken to guarantee your reservation.
• We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
• We recommend making your reservations several days in advance to secure a spot before that day gets fully booked. Same day reservations may be available but the more in advance you book, the better the availability will be.
• WEATHER – If we have to cancel your ride due to weather and we have not completed more than 75% of your ride, we will reschedule your activity or provide you with a rain check that does not expire. Please arrive regardless of the weather and bring a rain coat. If it is a mild rain or sprinkling, we will ride. WE DO NOT RIDE IF IT IS THUNDERING OR LIGHTENING.
• CANCELLATIONS – We will not charge you for cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the ride we will charge you a cancellation fee of one ride. Our guides spend a great deal of time preparing for each ride prior to your arrival.

• Please show up 20 minutes early to fill out a waiver form in either the Visitor Center or our new restaurant, Sharky’s Bar & Grill. Every rider must complete a waiver before the ride leaves. Any rider under the age of 18 must be signed by the child’s parent or guardian.

**Rain checks are non-expiring vouchers to reschedule your missed ride for a future date. They are rides that cannot be rescheduled during your current stay at Cedar Island Resort.

When riding you should…

• Wear closed toed shoes and long pants are recommended
• Leave valuables in your car that you may drop or lose (sunglasses, wallet, etc.)
• Helmets are available but are not required (optional)
• Riders with any physical, mental, or emotional concerns should let us know prior to booking a ride so the issues can be addressed and accommodations can be made
• Know that we may cross over water occasionally and you could get wet
• Know we reserve the right to cancel rides due to high winds, heavy rain, hot weather or unforeseen circumstances

We strive to provide a safe and family oriented place where people can enjoy the love of their animal. We encourage people to spend time not only with their horses but with others here at the stable. We strive to keep a clean friendly atmosphere free of bad or abusive language or activities that are rude, disruptive, or disrespectful. We also do not tolerate the abuse of the horses. The goal is to have a place to relax and find a sense of community.


Safety First – The safe, considerate and courteous behavior of everyone is required. Your safety, the safety of others, and the safety of the horses is our primary goal. If you see actions occurring that are not safe, report it immediately to barn management. UNSAFE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
Children – At all times, children under the age of 13 must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. Children cannot be running, screaming, and climbing on gates around the barn.
Be Kind to your Horse – Cedar Island Stables will not tolerate any type of abuse.
Dogs – No dogs are allowed on stable property unless they are restrained on a leash. Do not leave a dog unattended anywhere on stable property.
No Smoking – No smoking is allowed in the indoor arena, stall areas, tack room, lounge, or any other enclosed or under roof area. We ask that you not smoke while on the property but if you must, keep it to the front parking lot. Please dispose of cigarettes in a trash container when done.
Use a Helmet – Helmet usage is strongly recommended for everyone.
Absolutely no Alcohol or Illegal Drug Use – Use or under the influence of these substances while at the stable is grounds for immediate dismissal.
Notify Us of Any Accidents, Injuries, or Damages – Please inform stable management if anyone or any horse is injured. Also please report any damage to stable property or equipment.
Foul Language and Unruly Behavior – This is offensive and degrading to you and the people around you. Help make this a place enjoyed by everyone by having respect for yourself and others. If you constantly engage in inappropriate behavior you will be asked to leave.


Katie Smith has been working with the horses and stables for the past 4 years and has become a very proficient rider and trail guide as well. She has had a goal of operating a horse barn since the age of 7 and is well on her way to accomplishing that goal.  Katie has been working with and riding her favorite horse Scout and you can see her on our Facebook page Cedar Island Stables where you can see her living out her dream of working with horses first hand. It’s a pleasure to have Katie working at the stables to serve the community and guests to the area. We hope you make time to take what is one of the last available beach front rides in the country.